The Spirit of Prespa

The Prespa region has many untold stories, and today’s story comes from there. Maybe you remember or maybe not the story of the rural women from Prespa region, and this one is exactly the story of the Spirit of Prespa farm.

Meet Ana, she is a computer science graduate, a woman who, despite her diploma, decides to dedicate herself to the development of agro-tourism in our country, in the Prespa region. We hope that Anna’s inspiring story about the development of agro-tourism in our country will reach to many other young people who are still looking for a suitable profession.

Anna lived in Skopje for 17 years until she decided to return to Prespa and realize her dream called “Spirit of Prespa”. The love for Prespa and the desire to promote the region, contributed to the creation of the brand “Spirit of Prespa”. The farm has already been in the family for more than 60 years, which means that they are the fifth generation of owners. Their orchard is 5 hectares and they produce different varieties of apples, cherries, plums, nuts and other fruits and vegetables. They grow 8 varieties of apples here on the farm.  On average, they produce 150 tons of apples, 2 tons of cherries, 2 tons of plums…

Here the guests have the opportunity to get acquainted with growing apples, cherries and plums and buy products from their Farm shop, which is supplied with products from several families from Prespa.

In 2017, they realized that the farm needed diversification in order to be sustainable, so after the research and following the trends in America and Europe, they decided to focus on agro-tourism.

They also started making pick-your-own-fruit events in 2018, events that start every year from late of August and last till the end of October, where all the visitors will be able to participate in the Apple picking and will get branded tote bag.

The Farm shop is located in Carev Dvor – a village in the Municipality of Resen, in the area of ​​Gorna Prespa and also 5 km from the shores of the Great Lake Prespa.


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