Pet hotel in Macedonia: A place where your pet will fully enjoy

There’s nothing more beautiful like the unconditional love of a pet. They show you affection, give you a sense of purpose, and greet you every day when you come home, well, maybe not if you have a cat, but sometimes even the cats are in the mood of showing love and greet you whenever you come home.

The number of people who decide to have a pet is increasing, and people who live in the urban areas and have a pet often go on an unplanned trips and face the problem of not having where and to whom to leave their pet while they are on the road.

You will get the answer to this question if you read the story of Nikola Radovikj, a student at the Faculty of Veterinary and Magdalena Kalcheva, a medical student. Although still students, they are quite committed to the work that is part of their daily lives. They do not even remember the morning when they were not greeted by a few happy puppies in the living room. And at the same time they handle the responsibilities of this job as well as their studies and are proud of their success.

When we asked where the idea to open a pet hotel came from, Nikola told us that since he was a child he kept pets, cats, dogs, lizards, turtles, parrots, hamsters, and one day his father, who is actually a veterinarian, asked him if he would like to keep 2 kittens for people going abroad. Fortunately, he finds himself in all of this. And at the age of 15 he wondered what he would do in life and what profession he would like to dedicate himself to, and be happy with what he does, hence the idea to open a pet hotel. The hotel is in the Ilinden neighborhood and today, together with his colleague, they are doing their dream job at full capacity.

Pets here get their own room in the kitten and dog hotels built in the same building, freedom, care, constant supervision and a vet available 24/7 (Dr. Zharko from Pet-Vet). Each room is equipped with a crib, plates for food and water, toys, lighting, air conditioning in summer and heating for the cold periods. In addition, the dogs are allowed to walk and play in the living room and the yard which is well fenced and if the owners want their pets will have walks. Kittens are free to sit in the room where the cat hotel is located and the terrace that is specially built to be safe and to be able to look outside.

The conditions they offer, the consistency in the effort to fulfill the promise that they will keep the pet just as they are kept at home and their sincere love for the animals, constantly arouse positive reactions in the owners of the pets. They are always glad when they are recommended as the safest choice and especially when a pet becomes their regular guest. They feel it as a sign that the owner trusts them and they really appreciate it.

The dog will not sit locked in a box, as long as it is not aggressive with others. The aggressive dogs get a special yard and long walks. Every pet shows how his stay in the hotel was. Nikola says that there are pets, which want to come back to the hotel and rejoice at every arrival and even forget about their owners, but there are pets that are really connected to their owners and any separation from them is stressful.


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