Our Story

We are an enthusiastic team who believes in wonders. And wonders are all around us but sometimes hidden. All this years we are connecting with wonderful people and places and they simply become part of us. Our Wonder Where family is growing with every new Wonderer ready to share the positive energy and accept the challenge – visit new wonder places, learn new wonders, meet new wonderful people.

Our mission

We believe that the travellers are changing the world in a good way. They want to see new places, experience new things and meet local people who will help them understand their culture. Our mission is to help both local people and travellers to find each other and at the same time to help each other because everyone of us wants to give something for a higher purpose, don`t we?


local heroes

Local people who continue living a normal live only with one difference: having the second chance to work what they are passionate about.


Hidden gems

Hidden gems are the special places discovered by us and worth to be discovered by you! Be our next guest and don`t miss our wonders!


Wonder Places

Wonder places where you want to be at the moment you see the photos. Get inspired immediately by the places our wonderers have been till now.

50 000+


Bookings made by wonder travellers who were seeking for adventures, new destinations, tasty food, happy people, relaxing places...

"Everyone has a secret weapon who helps them win. Mine is trust in my intuition. With everyday learning I become more and more sure I am walking the right path and I am showing to the world how small steps can make huge differences in the travel"

Vlatko Sulev


Leadership Team

Vlatko Sulev


Svetlana Gjorgon

Project Leader

Marija Mitreska

Customer Support Manager

Lence Andovska

Sales Manager

Ivana Brdarovska

Project Manager

Simona Gerasimovska

Operational Manager

Angela Mileva

Operational Adventure Manager


Purr Manager