During the summer we introduced you to many enthusiasts, people who believe in themselves and are in love with their life hobby. We call these people local heroes because they do the things they do with great love. Macedonia has young people who are passionately in love with active tourism, one of the real branches that need to be developed more intensively.

People who are regular hikers will surely agree that you cannot meet people full of negative energy on the mountain. On the contrary, on the mountain you can meet only people who enjoy life and have accepted the fact that the years when they do not hold their feet are quickly spent.

In the south of Macedonia we met Gjoko Rizov, the man who lives the Mount Kozuf in a very different and unique way. Bicycles, mountains and healthy food are the three things that keep him alive.

The reason why WonderWhere writes about Gjoko Rizov are the unique videos where you can see how he prepares homemade healthy food in a unique mountain way.

He says that he is an ecologist and that the most important thing is to preserve the nature. He often collects garbage through the mountains, and he shares his experiences in order to raise the environmental awareness of the people.

Gjoko mostly prepares food that includes of course meat. He roasts the meat on natural rocky stones that he finds in the area where he lives and for fire he uses dry wood scraps. According to him, what is dry cannot be restored to life, but it is important not to ruin the life of what is still alive.

He is 28 years old, and the mountain attracted him when he started his camping adventures. For himself he says that he is an active cyclist, he loves mountain biking, hiking and picking berries. Every day gives him a new ambition and through the photos and videos he shares on his profile he hopes to motivate many young people to take the first step on the mountain.

The advantage of the mountain is the fresh air, the peace, the nature and the adrenaline. The unique way of cooking gives him the inspiration to visit the mountain, which he says is gastronomy for survival on the mountain.

Gjoko is not a professional chef, but many people who have tried his specialties were amazed by the taste. He likes to cook healthy food, and the meat is an inevitable ingredient.

His wish is to climb the highest peaks in Macedonia with his bicycle, and all the other plans he has for the future will come with time.