The rivers in Macedonia are my favourite waters for winter swimming

Macedonia is a beautiful landlocked country with incredible surface waters and groundwaters. We can mention one of the best worldwide-known Ohrid Lake and less known Berovo Lake which is a real hidden gem. There are rivers known even from the antient times when they had other names such as Vardar or Axios or rivers with northern course such as Black Drim. Macedonians know how to value the natural resources in their homeland. They know how to be quite calm and enjoy being around them, but they also know how to do crazy things when it comes to adrenaline and adventurous spirit.



Adventurist by nature, a girl with a crazy fantasy is the Macedonian Beti Kotovcevska. She spends the summer days hiking in different locations in Macedonia, and the winter days are “booked” for swimming in the cold waters of our rivers.

Betty is a fit person and her advice is that this sport should not be practiced without prior knowledge, moderate experience, consultation with doctors. On top of this is the awareness of its own body. Betty is a special kind of tourist that for sure is not related to the ordinary tourists.

She says that Macedonia has the most beautiful forest rivers, lakes, waterfalls, artificial dams and streams.



The photos you see were taken on the River Babuna, where its springs are seeing the day light. The waterfalls are located in central part of Macedonia. They are available today for all tourists who want to enjoy the untouched nature. The surrounding of the waterfalls is rich in wooden bridges, signposts, wooden huts and benches for visitors in a perfect harmony with the hiking trails.



We already mentioned the unusual hobby of our local hero – swimming in cold waters, right? Well, there is an important holiday related to the cold waters – the “Epiphany”. Every year on January 19th, Macedonian priests traditionally toss the wooden cross into the waters of every single town and village in Macedonia. The most faithful and courageous Orthodox Christians jump into the cold water to catch the cross. It is believed that on that day all the waters are baptized and also the one who finds the cross will be followed by happiness throughout the year. This ritual symbolizes the entry of Christ into the Jordan River.



Betty adds that if anyone is interested, may feel free to contact her to share more experience. She says, “Well, dear people, I have said more than enough, if anyone has a desire but does not have the courage, feel free to contact me and let us ignore all fears and sail together in the elixir of youth.”

The Wonder Where Travel team wants to emphasize that the way each person reacts to the actions mentioned above is different, so before taking any action, be sure to consult your doctor and ask a permission.


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