Kozuf is the most beautiful mountain in winter: Dimitar photographs the life on the mountain

We bet that everyone has at least one favorite inspirational photographer guru! If you ask us who is our favorite guru for good photography on Kozuf Mountain, we proudly want to share his name: Dimitar Novakov.

Following the steps of this young photographer, looking at his pictures on the Instagram profile @novakovdimitar, anyone would assume that he lives the mountain.



Through his photos, Dimitar tells the dream of one of the most beautiful mountains in Macedonia.

The mountain that abounds with its untouched nature.

Novakov says that everyone can make a good photo if they go to the mountains. According to his advice, the most important thing is to feel the pulse of Kozuf and take photos of what the mountain has to give, not what we are looking for.



The small sheepfolds are some of his favorite places for photography. The sheepfolds are everywhere, and many of them are located on the slopes of the mountain, so we can already know that the photographic tour will start from there.



Dimitar advises to pay attention on the weather forecast, because Kozuf is a very specific mountain that changes its mood at short intervals. It is advisable to wear protective equipment for rain, wind and snow depending on the period when we visit the mountain.

If you want to make good photos no matter what time of the year, you should probably visit the mountain settlement “Krusha”, advises Dimitar.  If you want to get to “Krusha” you have to walk, and believe it or not, for 7 km the road is trapped by a dense forest with huge trees.



From the very top of Kozuf you can take photos of the Lake Dojran, and during the winter, the photos taken from the top are worth millions.

Our advice is not to go alone if you haven’t been on the mountain before. No matter what time of the year, you always go to the mountains with experienced mountain guides, who can help you in case of emergency.


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