I moved out of Skopje to milk goats

“Wonder Where Travel” continues with the promotion of domestic rural tourism and young people who do small things of great importance in the development of Macedonian tourism.


Today we meet David. 8 years ago this young man, together with his family, moved from Skopje to the village of Rastak. He is known for the new innovative and young brand of dairy products “Kozi Mleko Planina” or “Goats Milk Mountain”.

This village where he decided to invest was not chosen by chance. It is actually the place where his grandparents spent their lives. He says that together with his family were not a city type people and one day they decided to “give a chance to” their own land and start something useful there. For a start, they bought 10 goats and start learning the goat breeding and how to process milk into dairy products.



Gjorgje Kamov: Hi David. How did you come up with this idea?


The decision was made by the whole family and it was previously analysed for a long time. The reason why we chose goats to be the leading actors, was the terrain of the village which was perfect for that, but also a lot of self-education about the advantage of goat milk and dairy products that were nurtured in the world, which unfortunately in Macedonia was forgotten or was continuity  interrupted, says David.


Gjorgje Kamov: What was your motivation? How did you find yourself in this?


The change was not easy but I truly believed in what we were doing. About the motivation, I can call it also my inner common sense. The fact that there are people who suffered during the past century in the great wars, but also not to forget the hunger and lack of water in Africa which is the reason of the so-called life without basic living conditions, instilled in me the shame of feeling pity and regretful for the new challenges. It did not take me long to find myself here because I was studying archaeology (unfortunately, I stopped studying it) and I had the opportunity to get acquainted with nature and everything that was going with it, as well as its gifts as in prehistoric period, says David.



Gjorgje Kamov: I notice that your friends from Skopje were also helping you this weekend. What do they say about your idea and your business?


Yes, this weekend thanks to the initiative of my friends, they came here to help me and to spend some time together since I do not have time to hang out and get off in Skopje because we are in the middle of the season of producing milk and dairy products. In fact, I really needed help but I did not know how to ask for it, something seemed to stop me but I was pleasantly surprised by their enthusiasm and determination when they simply showed up. It was the same feeling that I felt listening for the first time the 1969 Woodstock version of “With A Little Help From My Friends” by Joe Cocker. Really wonderful! I’m glad that the interest in helping the farm is growing. Friends are still around me and believe in my actions and vision, says David.


Gjorgje Kamov: Where do you see yourself in the future?


Livestock is a profession in which we think in the medium and long term, we have many ideas but also a lot of work until realization. For now the most important thing is to stay healthy and to live peacefully in the upcoming days, says David.



Gjorgje Kamov: What do you recommend to young people?


I advise everyone to try to live in harmony with nature and take care of their own health and never forget the environment. Learning about the circumstances in which we live I believe that more and more young people will be encouraged to do agriculture and animal husbandry, says David.


Gjorgje Kamov: How to get your product? Where can they find you?


For our way of life and all the information about the products and the way we function, anyone interested can find us on the Facebook profile Kozi Mleko Planina, the Facebook page Kozi Mleko Planina or the Instagram kozimlekoplanina.



Gjorgje Kamov: Are you in the mood for guests interested in rural tourism?


In the near future we will have surprises in several fields, concludes David with a smile.


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