The quarantine brought me my second obsession – the macramé

The pandemic has prompted many women in the country to use their free time and quarantine at home to start a new hobby that has sparked love in some of them and helped to find themselves in new areas.

Today’s story is about Snezana Popova from Ohrid who is a music teacher by profession, and in her free time she is engaged in knitting macramé.

Snezana says that the difficulty of the quarantine due to Covid-19, the closure at home, the lack of social life, home and school responsibilities that have become too much burden for everyone at home, gave us a reason to start looking for new ways to overcome this period easier.


She started watching creative videos on YouTube and that’s how she fell in love with the macramé.

Her first step was to get a macramé cord and to start experimenting. That experimentation, that hobby of hers grew into her extra income.

Snezana says that the macramé and the Macedonian ethno element would be a great combination if they are combined. The macramé technique doesn’t originate from the Macedonian area, but it comes from the Old East, offers many different ways of making, and if the colors of the Macedonian folklore are inserted, it would be an interesting mixture.

She has no doubt that the macramé can arouse interest among the tourists as well. Ohrid as a summer tourist center, along with the lake, definitely belongs to that relaxing Boho style. This type of decoration would be especially suitable on the summer terraces of our restaurants and hotels.

At the moment Snezana is focused on promoting her products in order to show everyone her work. She is planning to participate in many upcoming handicraft bazars, but she also wants to have products of all kinds all the time.


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