With 300 ideal days for flying, Krushevo is a paradise for the paragliders

April is already on our doorstep, and the month of April for us is a month that brings with it the spring and summer adventures. You agree, right? April is a month that announces cycling, diving, canoeing or flying. Today we want to share with you an interesting “flying” story, and learn more about the man who is as much on the ground as he is in the air. Sounds exciting, don’t you think? 
Borjan Jovanovski, a young and successful paraglider who, after a series of successes and won world-class competitions, manages to reach the second place in the world ranking list, when only the previous competition year (2019) he wins 10 medals out of a total of 12 competitions.

After many points, he gets to second place on the world rankings.

For Borjan, paragliding is part of his daily life, something to which he is fully committed, and his beginnings date back to the age of 9 years when he started training and made his first flight from the school yard.

In the past, people were looking to find the ways to fly just like the birds. As a child, he realized that this sport is different from the others; it offers something that cannot be experienced with any other sport. Borjan comes from a sports family, a family that is fully dedicated to paragliding. His father and brother were his inspiration to make him want to feel free by learning to fly.
There was no skepticism in the support he received.

His success today is due to the unconditional support of his family, as well as the International Slavic University, which in addition to education also supported him in sports, with the help of which he acquired new equipment that played a major role in achieving these results and Krushevo is the place where he performs most of his trainings.

Krushevo Mountain and Pelagonija offer excellent conditions for paragliding, the thermal currents and favorable winds in this region create a suitable climate for this sport, which can be confirmed by the fact that in Krushevo every year a number of paragliding competitions are held and Krushevo is becoming a recognizable tourist destination for paragliders from around the world.

This year 2021, their club “Paragliding Club Delta” will be the organizer of the World Accuracy landing Championship that should be held in October. According to the rules, the championship will last fourteen days.

The competition will be in an accuracy landing with the competitors having to strive to land in the center of the target, so the results of all series are collected and the one who has the least negative points wins, i.e. the one who landed closest to the center of the target.
Borjan says that about 130 participants from 28 different countries are expected to participate, which will be a spectacular event, and this will be an opportunity for all those who want to be informed and to learn more about paragliding.

“Paragliding Club Delta” has special achievements in the world, and in our country it is the most successful club for the air sports. The World Air Sports Federation in the past years has been following the qualities of the club and has given them the honor to organize this event.

Pelagonija, on the other hand, offers huge relief conditions for paragliding and more than four take-offs, as well as favorable weather conditions that allow more than 300 flying days during the year.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all the competitions that were supposed to happen in 2020 were canceled but the dates for the European and World Cups for the current 2021 have already been confirmed, with the hope that they will be realized. Borjan hopes to maintain this continuity with good results and that he will soon conquer the very top of the world rankings.
The Tandem paragliding is the easiest, simplest, safest way to feel the magic of flying. For the tandem paragliding you don’t need any prior knowledge or experience, anyone can try it, just like we say anyone from 7 to 77 years. After ten minutes of training for the procedure and the equipment, you will be ready to fly with your paragliding instructor.

All you have to do is to enjoy the views, enjoy the freedom, and the feeling of being a bird.


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