I love to motivate people with the beauties of Macedonia

Even though that officially the spring has started, the snow doesn’t stop falling so the only thing that it’s left to us is to focus on the good stories especially the ones about the women – heroines who climb mountains in Macedonia. Today we would like to tell you the story about Sanja, the girl who has climbed many European peaks for several years, and who is a real motivator for all those who are interested in mountaineering.

Sanja has been hiking for eight years, six of which intensively, without skipping a single weekend.

She fell in love with the hike in 2013 when she was on a trip to Velendam, one of the most famous resorts in Austria. There she manages to climb several peaks up to 2000 meters above sea level, to stay in a mountain lodge, to visit several lakes that characterize this region.
After returning to Macedonia, she decided to continue hiking and exploring the beauties that Macedonia has to offer. She started hiking through  “I love hiking” which today is the official club in which she is a member.

She started first on easy trails, such as hiking and cycling on Vodno, Skopska Crna Gora, Kitka and easier hiking trails in the vicinity of Skopje. After all this, going to the mountains becomes her passion, and thus her appetites for the mountains begin to grow.

Sanja gets support from her loved ones because as she says they know what she wants in life. On the question which was her most difficult climb, she singled out Ljuboten from Macedonia, which she climbed with her bike in 2018. This year she wants to climb it again, to make sure it was really difficult.

She loves to travel with  Dejan, Philip and Daniel with whom she has a great friendship, many common climbs and adventures and says that she wouldn’t change them for anything.

If she goes hiking with her favorite team, she doesn’t need a motivation. They do the research together before each trip to the mountain, with all the necessary information. But if she goes hiking with a less prepared team, she is usually the one who motivates the others. Sanja says that to motivate the other mountaineers she usually uses the Macedonian beauties that remain to be seen on the mountain.

Sanja will spend 2021 in the Macedonian mountains.

She says that there are a lot of wonderful undiscovered beauties in Macedonia that are worth visiting. Sanja has visited many places that she wants to visit again.

She advises anyone who wants to start hiking not to hesitate at all. Mountaineering, mountain biking are sports that require to be physically prepared. Therefore, according to her, it is the best to start with the physical preparation in the environment where one lives.

Sanja recommends to all of you to visit the site of I love hiking- Macedonia where you can find many activities.


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