On the eve of the festival “When in Krushevo” the WonderWhere team decides to tell you everything you need to know about this event and  the attractions you can visit and experience in the highest mountain town in Macedonia and one of the highest in the Balkans – Krusevo.

Today we will introduce you to Dimitar Veleski who has been developing the horse riding in the city of Krushevo for years. Dimitar is the founder of the equestrian club “Musica” which is quite famous among tourists because of the areas visited with horses.

The equestrian club exists for almost two years, and here the tourists can experience different types of adrenaline rides and horseback riding in nature, from which they can learn a lot about the city and its surroundings. His club has 8 race horses, and the ranch is located 50 meters from the Krusevo Lake. For Dimitar, it does not matter if the riders are beginners or professionals, because they can organize several minute tours for beginners, through which they will learn to ride a horse. For the story to be successful, Dimitar says it takes love. Since he was a child he loves the horses and at the age of 10 he already gets his own horse.

As the time was passing by, he realizes that tourists are looking for such attractions in Krushevo and from there he gets the idea to form his own club and offer something new to the local tourism.

For Dimitar, Krushevo is one of the most beautiful places for horseback riding. He says that this area is different from the others in Macedonia, due to the fact that here is the lake Krushevo surrounded by the untouched nature. The Krushevo forest, which is more than 500 years old, is unique and is something that is worth walking through, and all this is complemented with the historical sites such as Meckin Kamen( Bear’s stone) monument, Makedonium – Ilinden monument, the Monastery Holy Transfiguration and many other sites that tourists will be able to see through the tours themselves.

The most important thing are the impressions of the tourists, the positive impressions are the best thing that can happen to an organizer, the tourist to be happy and satisfied.

Krushevo is located in one of the most beautiful places in Macedonia, in a dense and deep pine, oak and beech forest, at an altitude of 1,250 meters. It is one of the highest cities in the Balkans and as such it is a real air bath. Krushevo is a fusion of the traditional and the historical, the glorious past and the modern architecture and culture.