The mountain that changed my life

If you are looking for mountains where you can enjoy and relax, then you should visit Macedonia. Macedonia is a country that has a large number of mountains and mountain peaks, unique destinations for everyone and many life stories that started to develop right from its peaks.

Today we would like to tell you about Mishko Taneski and his modest travel story filled with many memories and experiences that anyone who decides on active tourism can get.

Misko started hiking 15 years ago. After a long persuasion from a close colleague, he decided to climb Mount Galicica, which is also his first climb in his life. He still remembers the first day when early in the morning they went to climb Galicica and the impressions he got from the first climb were enough to make him continue doing this.

The mountain makes a huge change in people, you start to see things differently and you change the way of life, says Misko.

As a beginner in hiking, he gets the support from his family, even in the times when he was part of all the expeditions around the world where he stayed for more than a month, he always had the support of his family. What makes him happy is the fact that he met many new people on the mountain with whom he is on good friendly relationship.

For Misko, the active tourism is the best thing that can happen to anyone. He is happy that lately there is a growing number of fans of this type of tourism. As quite experienced in this activity, he offers the guests many activities such as kayaking, surfing, hiking, swimming, triathlon and cycling. He says that there are tourists from Macedonia and abroad and Macedonia is on its way of becoming a major destination for active tourism due to the fact that many foreign tourists have already started looking for the following activities: paragliding, horseback riding, kayaking, cycling, hiking, and lately, rafting is in high demand.

He has visited almost all mountainous areas in the world. Starting from the Alps, Himalayas, Andes, Pamir Mountains, Tian Shan, Caucasus, Kilimanjaro, and he could not say which of these mountains is better than the other, but if  he must choose, than he would choose the Himalayas.

Mishko has climbed the Balkan and the Macedonian mountains several times and when we asked which mountain is his favorite, he points out Galicica, the first mountain he climbs, the mountain that changes his life.


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