Macedonia: If you are searching for the hedonism of life, you will certainly enjoy under the starry sky in the Rancho and Vancho of Kata

Wonder Where Travel is a world of local heroes who develop their own stories, stories that can be experienced and some of them can even be tasted. In our world there is a place for everyone who loves the nature, everyone who wants to feel it and wants to pass it to the others in a different local way.

One such heroine who is part of the Wonder Where Travel family is Katarina. Katarina is the woman who leaves the urban environment and moves to a rural area in the village of Omorani where she begins to develop the local tourism. We heard Katarina’s story but we also tasted it through freshly prepared delicious food with fruits picked directly from her garden. For more than 15 years, she wanted to live in a rural environment, surrounded by nature, and to earn a living through the development of rural tourism. For her, this is a very interesting concept that offers accommodation in a village surrounded by greenery and delicious homemade food.


After much deliberation, she decided to buy an old house in the village of Omorani, where she was offered several options. Katarina found her own paradise in this village, as she says, a place where all her guests who are also in search of the “hedonism of life” can enjoy.

According to her there is an interesting group of people in the world who, regardless of their profession and the way of life, need to “get rid” of the constraints of the urban jungle, to get lost in the wild, to experience the moment of the present, the eternity of the stars, the peace and holistic communion of the living nature. These people want to sleep in a room filled with colors, rustic, pure energy of wood and stone, having all the comfort of a beautifully decorated bathroom, hot water and fragrant handmade soaps.

In 2009, they started with the construction work on the house, and in a joke called the old ruin “Rancho and Vancho of Kata”( Rancho I Vancho na Kata). But as she knows very well that there are no “coincidences” in life, she has kept that name which, as she says, is given from God. Her name is Kata, rancho (which means ranch in Macedonian) is hers, and also Vancho who is her husband. There is rhyme in all that and it sounds good, don’t you think?

Today, her village home is surrounded by gardens where she grows organic products and prepares a variety of traditional specialties. For her, the peace is the most important element of the house. Peace makes up every detail of the house, the garden, and the places where you can sit and enjoy. Someone may read a book, someone wants to prepare meals with us, someone even though he has paid for a room moves to sleep on the veranda outdoors, someone tastes the most delicious breakfast in his life, and someone finally understands the stars and enjoys under the starry sky with a glass of wine or homemade blackberry liqueur.

The foreign tourists enjoy in the tobacco and with their eyes wide open listen the story of the Bogomil’s Movement, and then they debate for hours about the feudal and capitalist oppression throughout humanity, ending with ideas for a new paradigm of life.

Katarina often meets foreign tourists who are interested in the cultivation and production of tobacco, in the tradition and the revolutionaries, in the proletarian ideas of Kocho Racin, and also there are some foreign tourists who are interested in tasting the honey and the goat cheese and various traditional specialties that she prepares at home.


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