Macedonia is known for the traditional domestic food that is still produced in the way it was produced many years ago. There is no foreign tourist who comes to Macedonia and is not delighted with the taste of the food. Today’s blog story is about another local hero Bosko, whose family is still engaged in raising sheep on Galichnik, on the mountain Bistra.

Galichnik is a story for itself. Galichnik is nature, history and active tourism – all in one. But what is of great importance to us is the food that is produced in the Galichnik region.

Bosko says that Galichnik is famous for its tasty sheep cheese and yellow cheese with a unique savor. For him and his family, a key factor in producing cheese and yellow cheese was the love for their homeland. His roots come from Galichnik, and the revival of the tradition of his ancestors began about 20 years ago, and the work brought him back to live again in this area.

The sheep are kept on Mount Bistra in several herds. They owe a shepherd who takes constant care of the sheep throughout the year, so that the overall environment that leads to the final product is authentic in all stages, starting from the pastures, to the final processes such as milking the sheep, to the production of cheese and its proper preservation.

Raising sheep is not an easy task at all, given the two seasons of the year, such as summer, when the sheep are taken to the pastures to provide the necessary food in order to give enough milk during milking, and the winter period, when the sheep are transported to warmer places to spend the winter, because Galichnik is not available for vehicles in the winter time.

The process of milk processing results in quality sheep cheese. Apart from the popular cheese, other dairy products such as cottage cheese, yellow cheese and other are also included here.

They get the support from the people who buy their product. According to Boshko only those who love cheese know how to appreciate the quality, i.e. the uniqueness of its taste in the form of that specific note that leaves an authentic mark.