The backwoods cooking of the modern Nomad

Today we would like to tell you about another local hero, a nomad who uses the natural potential of Macedonia to enjoy and for backwoods cooking. This local hero is from Radovish, we introduce you – Gonev or the so-called the modern Nomad.

The thing that motivated us to get in touch with him is his unusual way of promoting the beauty of Macedonia, especially the wild landscapes of the eastern region of the country.

Gonev says that the idea for “The modern nomad” comes from his lifestyle and his love for cooking. He associates the name with his concept of work.

For him, it all started as a hobby. He turns his love for the nature and the cooking into one and decides to document the whole process through videos that he hopes will be followed and practiced by many people and in the meantime the reactions he receives from people are quite positive. According to him, this is something that is completely new and quite interesting and attracts a lot of attention.

For now, his backwoods cooking is not focused just on one cuisine. He is cooking dishes from different world cuisines. Gonev usually prepares his favorite and some famous dishes that are eaten by people all over the world and he says that in the future he will focus more on the traditional Macedonian specialties, because he prefers to use organic and fresh products, and also wants to use tools offered by the nature.

According to Gonev, Macedonia abounds in beautiful nature and one of his primary goals is to show the beauty of the nature through his videos. He most often visits the eastern parts of Macedonia, especially the places that are near a river or a spring, because the water is always used in cooking. The beautiful landscapes and untouched wild nature is what makes our country unique.

The purpose of “The modern nomad” is to encourage people to love and preserve the nature, to spend more time outdoors and to consume more healthy food.


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