Macedonia is a real paradise for all the fish lovers

The gastronomic journey of our team through Macedonia continues in the region of Ohrid. The Ohrid region is not just the lake and the history. The region is known also by the untouched nature, the healthy and delicious food and the unique stories of the local heroes who have dedicated their lives to building something authentic.

Only 15 km from the road from Ohrid to Resen and 3 km in front of the village Kuratica is the fish restaurant “Paradise Valley”, whose owners are  Zoran and Toni; two passionate fishermen, who were motivated by their love for the sports to open their own fishpond built from natural materials that will blend in with nature.

The fish restaurant has been working for seven years in a row and exclusively in the summer period, starting from May until October while the weather is still nice.

Their love for the fish and the fishing prompted them to start their own business with keeping fish and later selling it in their restaurant. They started building the fishpond 10 years ago, and two years later they built the summer restaurant.

The place where the fishpond is built is suitable for keeping the fish. The clean water from the springs and the untouched nature are the reason why guests keep coming.

They say they receive the biggest compliments from the foreign tourists who have rarely experienced such nature and who enjoy the day by the river.

The restaurant serves only fish, Ohrid trout, river trout and carp. Due to the fact that the fishpond itself is located on a river in the Ohrid area, it is legally forbidden to breed other fish.

If guests wish, they can catch fish themselves, especially on the carp pond / lake which is a real attraction.

The ponds and fish need care all the year round; starting from the separation of the big from the small fish, feeding, cleaning and maintenance. The regular companions of the fish are the ducks, the chickens and the rabbits that enjoy in the nature and the benefits of the place.


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