The summer is slowly coming to an end and it would not be complete if you don’t experience and don’t attend any of the adventure tours that are organized throughout Macedonia. Whether you enjoy paragliding, swimming, cycling or many other activities, one thing is clear, and that is that each tour brings its own pleasures.

With today’s blog story we would like to introduce you to Riste Nikolovski who is part of the team of people who turn Galicica into an adventure park.

The reason why Riste organizes such tours is the love for the natural beauties of the National Park Galicica, which only in this way can be experienced and be felt to the fullest, especially they would like to try to present this feeling to the foreign tourists who visit Ohrid and to get them the opportunity to experience something in such a unique way, worth remembering.

They decided to organize safaris on Galicica, because the national park has paved and unpaved roads and all this can be combined into an interesting adventure.

Riste drives on mountainous paved and unpaved roads, almost the entire length of the national park. During the excursions on Galicica, the tourists can see the Ohrid and Prespa lakes from the heights of Galicica, which gives them a feeling like having the world in the palm of their hands.

According to Riste, the most beautiful and important moment during the tour are the beautiful landscapes and the diversity of the flora and fauna, it is something that cannot be described in words and something that cannot be told, it is something that everyone should experience.

Galicica is one of the most beautiful national parks in Macedonia. It hides so many secrets, so many unique places and of course it is a place where you can breathe fresh air and enjoy the beautiful landscapes while creating moments worth remembering.