Macedonia – a paradise of domestic ecological food and eco-tourism

Macedonia is a destination that definitely suits every traveler. A place where the ancient cultures are mixed with modern South-Eastern European society , a place where you can isolate yourself in the mountains and enjoy the fresh air and the untouched nature.

As a destination for 2021, Macedonia is perfect because even the most frequented tourist sites are located on spacious areas where there is enough space for keeping distance and sightseeing.

What makes this country a potential choice for your travel destination is the food, that remarkable taste of the traditional food prepared by our hosts in all the traditional villages.

In Macedonia, the villages are sparsely populated and the peace reigns there.

While meeting new people who do small and delicious things of great importance in the development of tourism in Macedonia, we met Dragan. Dragan is a pensioner who would not leave his mountain village for anything in the world; there he has his own garden in which he grows ecological vegetables and fruits. Dragan spent his whole life in Europe, learning how to be a good cook.

Today he prepares great specialties, starting with the traditional Macedonian food to the Italian and French cuisine.

Dragan spent his life in the mountain village Dvorishte. He grew up there raising sheep with his grandfather in a place called Prevedena. There Dragan spends the most beautiful period of his life – childhood, helping his family and enjoying the beautiful nature. Today, on the place where the sheep were kept, Dragan has built his own villa made of stones.

The village of Dvorishte is located in Maleshevo, at 1200 meters above sea level and is ideal for tourists who love nature and peace. The name of the village comes from the excavations of an old settlement known as “Dvor”. The villagers here are mainly engaged in agriculture and the potatoes are mostly grown. Livestock is also developed here and sheep, goats and pigs are mostly raised.
Today he lives and works in the village. He spends the day caring for the dogs, maintaining the garden in which he grows organic plants. He plants tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, cabbage, spinach, parsley, basil, beans, various types of green beans, garlic, onions, potatoes and a number of other plants that he uses to prepare his specialties for the guests.

Can you imagine your lunch there surrounded by the untouched nature, the fresh mountain air and the only thing that you can hear is the sound of the insects and the sound of the wind? Do you feel the peace of the nature; are you ready to experience the adventure that this beautiful place offers? Sounds irresistible, right? 

Eastern Macedonia is known for its healthy ecological food. Not far from Dragan’s house is the town of Berovo. This town is famous for the production of quality sheep cheese. The most famous specialties that are prepared in this area are the Maleshevo “Bieno” salt brine cheese, the yellow cheese, bulamach (it is a traditional dairy product produced from the indigenous breed of sheep “ovchepolka”, whose breed “pramenka” is grown in the Maleshevo region. The name comes from the Old Turkish word “bulamach” which means porridge, a thick mixture, a kind of cheese spread), cottage cheese, buttermilk as well as the specialties made from the potatoes of Maleshevo.

Not to forget the famous honey of Berovo that the bees produce by feeding themselves from the flowers by the Berovo Lake.

Very important information that we shouldn’t forget is that Berovo is a city with a very high concentration of oxygen in the air. Above Berovo Lake passes one of only 4 corridors with enriched amount of oxygen that are found in the world, the other ones are found in Peru, Alaska, Northern India and which provide ideal conditions for air bathing. That’s another reason why this place is worth visiting.