In a time of crisis in the tourism, the Wonder Where team is following a new motto: “When a pandemic gives you a lemon, make yourself lemonade.” This or a similar motto have the two young men from Skopje, who three months before the start of the pandemic opened their own hotel in the center of Skopje.

Victor and Stevan , young owners with an experience in the world of tourism will tell us the story of “Vanilla Boutique Hotel”. We love when we are talking to new people who are eager for changes in the tourism and whose benchmark for work are the world trends that they apply for the first time in Macedonia.

Vanila Boutique Hotel opens its doors to first guests three months before the pandemic.

But fortunately, these are a modern type of hybrid hotel suites, easily adapted to the conditions of the pandemic.

Before the opening, they had a rather long preparation of the apartments which included several architects from the country and abroad who used the ideas that sounded more interesting.
After a period of exchange of ideas, the young owners come to the initial appearance of the Apartments, which undergo changes and improvements on a monthly basis!

Victor and Stevan say that they are constantly listening to the experiences of the guests helping them re-adapt to the pandemic conditions.

Even thought that they listen the suggestions of their guests, from time to time they spend one night in the apartments, when they can, in order to experience the same experience of the guests and to see what can be improved next.

The rule is that no matter how good it is, there is always room for improvement because they do not want their apartments to be ordinary and boring and the conditions and comfort of the apartments are the same, but the details in each apartment are different.

The hotel is in the center of Skopje. They chose the location for a long time, because they were looking for a location that would be in a quieter place away from the crowds of the city center, but still close to most tourist attractions such as Vodno, Macedonia Square, City Park, the restaurants in Debar Maalo, the discos , the shopping malls etc.

Stevan and Viktor are proud of the fact that they are the first accommodation facility fully equipped with “Online – Self Check-in”, i.e. an independent check-in of the guests without any contact with the staff.

Victor says that they have met all the conditions in their hotel, both for the passers-by who only spend the night in their hotel, and for those who stay longer.
With this adaptation of their hotel, they bring a novelty to the market that already exists in the world of tourism, a novelty that excludes direct contact between guests and staff and in this period fits perfectly excluding the risk of spreading the pandemic.