Dedino: Historic village in Macedonia swallowed by the nature

Our small and modest country Macedonia has many undiscovered places worth visiting. Today’s blog story is about a small village located in the southeastern part of our country, in the region of Radovish, the village of Dedino.

Through the photos of Martin Iliev we will try to capture you and present you this modest village which is located at 650 meters above sea level. The surroundings of the village abound with fantastic places where picnics can be organized, and the village itself is an attraction worth visiting.

The village of Dedino is part of the municipality of Konce, and is known as an important place from the time of the Ilinden Uprising, when a rifle workshop was built there, and a good part of the population directly participated in the uprising. Several historical events are associated with this village, such as the making of the first bombs and also in the late 1896 was opened a grenade workshop in the village but it was soon closed in November 1897.

During the national liberation revolutionary movement in the village of Dedino, the two Macedonian revolutionaries Goce Delchev and Jane Sandanski stayed there.

Considering that in the ancient medieval times, bishops were called grandfathers, there is a possibility that the village of Dedino was the seat and residence of a grandfather-bishop after whom this place is named Dedino.

Today, this village respects all its customs and what is quite authentic for the village is the folk costume and the folklore society that has existed for more than 40 years.

The information that this small village, which actually has about 1000 inhabitants, is the biggest consumer of the popular Macedonian beer “Skopsko”, is also interesting, isn’t it?


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