We met while traveling in Macedonia, and now we are exploring together

Love and travel go together and proof of that is today’s story on the occasion for the day of wine and love. It is about a couple who on the Instagram profile is known as @ adventure.mk.

Adventure.mk are more than promoters of the beauty of Macedonia. They are adventurers and people who know how to appreciate the beauties of this country.

This is a story about Mane and Ana. Mane is a mechanical engineer by profession and he is in charge for all the technical matters related to their travels. Ana is a student at the Faculty of Architecture and she is in charge for all the aesthetic things for their profile.

What connects them are their crazy ideas.

Every trip they make is a story from the beginning, and Aaron their dog is the cherry on the cake. What they both want is definitely peace and relaxation while traveling.

Like any other traveling couple, Anna and Mane have different desires. When choosing the next destination, Ana prefers a tight agenda while Mane wants a more relaxed agenda that will allow him to fully experience the trip. Whenever you have your own interests you can travel alone, you do not need company, says Ana.

Ana and Mane meet on a mountain trip. This shows that travelling can connect you with many people, in friendship or in love. Although it wasn’t a classic trip, they met at the same place and at the right time.

Adventure.mk emphasizes Krushevo as a destination for loving couples, because according to them it is always magical and can satisfy the interests of different types of couples.

Kozuf, because it is an inexhaustible source of hidden beauties! This is a must see for those who love adventure. Ljuboten, for the brave ones who appreciate a good view from above and finally the mountain lodge Cheples, because it is love for itself.

They motivate all the couples to travel. What they have learned after many trips is that each place has its own splendor and beauty and each of them will be remembered in a special way. If you are an active person who wants to travel, try to get more information before you start the trip. First, you won’t lose time while you are there and you will find it easier and second, you will be able to make a better organization for the whole trip. Adventure.mk advises, in case something unexpected happens, do not cancel it, but on the contrary, go on, explore!


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