Known for her videos that she posts on social networks, we could not remain indifferent if we didn’t talk to her and didn’t hear her story about where the idea came from but, also where the knowledge of the Chinese language came from.

I lived in the capital of China for almost 10 years and I will be grateful for life for the unusual experiences I gained there, says Simona Spirkovska known as “the girl who promotes Macedonia in Chinese.”



Simona says that the purpose of sharing the videos from various cities across the country is to present Macedonia and our culture in Chinese. With her experience she wants to contribute to bringing these two different cultures closer to mutual knowledge. At the same time, she wants to convey to her Chinese friends, colleagues and other people living in China the authentic energy, culture, history, natural resources and way of life in Macedonia.

My purpose is somehow to motivate the Chinese to research more about Macedonia, says Simona. This will encourage the cooperation and the development of the tourism in Macedonia when it comes to Chinese tourists.

The videos, says Simona, have already been noticed by people who have visited Macedonia and with who she is in constant communication for opportunities for cooperation.



The Chinese who were in Macedonia have positive impressions of our culture, tradition and natural beauty, adds Simona. They are delighted from food, the good weather, and the fresh air.

The Chinese who tasted the tomato from their garden, after many years still remember the taste which reminded them of the Chinese tomato from the sixties. For them, the pork meat is much cheaper here and they say that any other meat is also very tasty.

For them, the difference between the bigger cities like Skopje and the smaller ones like Prilep is very small and insignificant; what they like the most is the harmony between the people and the fact that people appreciate family values the most.

Simona has lived in Beijing for almost 10 years; there she learns the language, completes her studies, also has the opportunity to work and live like a Chinese.



For her, China is her second home, and she hopes that the connection between Macedonia and China will still be built. China is a country with many values and cultural treasures. Upon her return to Macedonia, she also teaches Chinese to all those interested in learning the language.