We camp throughout Macedonia and any adventurer can join us

The spring is knocking on our door, the south of Macedonia is already in green, and the desire to jump into the water is growing. March is a month of hesitation, will there be new snow tomorrow or will the sun shine brighter? However, Macedonia has begun to wake up from its winter dream.

The new season that is ahead of us will definitely be in the benefit of the adventurers, people who want peace while traveling; people who want to avoid the hustle and bustle and enjoy the peace of the untouched nature.


This year will be the year of people like “Overland Adventures Macedonia”. You can see more about them on Instagram, and here you can read more about them.

The project is made from individual sin love with the mountains and the nature who have been promoting Macedonia in a different way for more than 10 years. Their company consists of 6 members, and as they say, anyone who is in the mood for a good adventure in Macedonia, can join them.

“Overlanding” is a combination of several days of “Off-Road” jeep driving and camping in nature on predefined routes and locations.

The purpose of such tours is to visit specific places in certain regions, in order to promote them online.

For March, their camping proposal is the Osogovo Mountain. They say that our country is full of natural beauties, rivers, lakes, mountains, and each region is special and each has its own characteristics that would leave a special impression on us, but because it is still cold they recommend camping somewhere in the lower places.

How many days are ideal for camping in Macedonia, they cannot answer us because as they say, they are always too few for them. According to them, to feel the real “Overlanding” requires a week of continuous driving and camping with pre-prepared logistics.


What you need the most when camping like this is a technically correct vehicle, first aid, warm clothes, sleeping bags, a tent, enough drinking water, food provided in advance for the adventure period, various tools and similar.

For this summer, their plan is to make a tour throughout Macedonia along the borders. This adventure should last from 10 to 12 days. Optimistically, they hope to succeed.


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