Tourists say that Macedonia is really a Honeyland

It’s time to start thinking about the spring trips. The wildlife in Macedonia will soon be awakened, and with that our desire for travelling will be bigger. In the coming period you will have the chance to learn more about the places in Macedonia that are an ideal destination for both spring and summer.

Today’s story is about Blagoja Jovcevski, the man who has dedicated his life to beekeeping and developed a wonderful story that inspires many tourists. His apiary is located in Dihovo, an ecological village on the Mount Pelister.

In Macedonia the ‘Apiturism’ starts to develop in 2014.Blagojasays that this is the first apiary in Macedonia that offers api services. Already in 2016, they opened the first apichamber, where the visitors couldfeel the smell of the bees.

The advantage of the apiary is the excellent location. The location of the village Dihovo offers a healthy life in a clean environment. At the moment they own over 400 bee families that are located on the slopes of Baba Mountain.

The apiary is surrounded by orchards of raspberries, strawberries, cherries, sour cherries, apples, pears and other.

Most visitors are foreigners, who visit the place in the period from April to September. Blagoja says thateach presentation is followed by photographing the tourists with an open hive, tastingthe honey directly from the hive frame, and dressing in beekeeping suits and many other things.

Tourists are delighted with the whole place, says Blagoja. They comment that they only see the clouds from their apartments on the 20th floor, and this here in Dihovo is a real paradise on earth for them.

After an hour-long lecture and training on bee life and the honey production process, visitors can purchase a variety of products in appropriate packaging. Blagoja says that the biggest demand is for the forest and the meadow honey, as well as for the royal jelly.

Depending on the period in which you will visit the apiary, you can participate in the process of squeezing the honey, collecting pollen, producing royal jelly, as well as preparing the equipment by making frames. Besides the presentation for beekeeping (the life of bees and the meaning of bees), the visitors have an hour of apitherapy, and in the summer they also have lunch in a village yard in Dihovo, with delicious honey specialties.

Pelister is an ideal place for peace and well-being of the bees. There is no pollution, no disturbance to the bees and there are bee pastures and innumerable quantities of flower nectar on all sides. The ideal air bath is due to the Mount Pelister and the Pelister’s wind.


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