The mountainous Macedonia remains a little bit mysterious. That great mixture of ancient and modern is a true paradise for those who enjoy the outdoor adventures. Winters in Macedonia can be cold, but they can be cold anywhere, and this country is particularly beautiful in winter, it is less crowded so you will be able to enjoy the sites without overcrowding.

Our small country – Macedonia is one of the favorite tourist destinations in winter and it is especially visited by many tourists who love adrenaline sports.

Since the winter season is already over, we would like to close the range of winter stories with another particularly interesting story for all those lovers of the winter beauty and the adrenaline sports. We would like to tell you about SharOutdoors, a team of young guys who are one of the best organizers of mountain skiing tours.
These guys have been on the Macedonian mountains for a long time and they are experts in organizing mountain tours that include free ride skiing (cat skiing), ski touring and from the last summer season they included also E-MTB or mountain biking with electric bikes.

Snow cat skiing is organized on the slopes of Shara Mountain, starting from Popova Sapka, and from there they go deep into the mountain. Ski touring or split boarding is organized on every mountain in the region that has conditions for such a sport.
For a successful tour, you need to have a good and experienced team and SharOutdoors has trained and experienced guides who will always take you to the places where there are the most favorable conditions for these adrenaline sports.

One of the many cool guys who organize this kind of adrenaline sports is Mihail, the guy who thinks the same like us that our little country Macedonia is a country with huge potential for developing the adrenaline winter sports and many other things that can be offered to the tourist market.

Last season, SharOutdoors organized tours for tourists from Macedonia and the region.

According to Mihail, in the last few years the interest of Macedonian tourists for adventure sports is definitely growing. We can see that through the demand for outdoor equipment, increased sales of ski equipment and bicycles intended for ski touring or mountain biking.

According to SharOutdoors, people are happy with what is being organized, but there are also dissatisfied tourists, whose dissatisfaction is due to the high expectations they have gained by watching the videos and photos presented on the social media, which are made to attract attention, but not to show the real picture. Frankly, ideal conditions cannot always be found on the mountain. The weather on the mountain is constantly changing and everyone should be prepared for that.

Mihail advises all those adventure lovers to always do what they want, without expecting everything to be perfect, because as we already know, the things we love sometimes bring disappointments.

The team of SharOutdoors organizes the tours usually on the territory of Shara Mountain, Korab, Bistra and the Ohrid region and it is very difficult for them to emphasize which is their favorite place in Macedonia, but still for them as good locations can be highlighted Golem Korab, Lesnica and the springs of the river Pena, the whole Ohrid region together with Jablanica and Galicica and of course their home Shara Mountain.

The SharOutdoors team works with many agencies organizing Free Ride tours in Western Europe, America and Australia.
According to them, foreign tourists, unlike domestic ones, have much more confidence in the professional guides and in the recommendations that are offered to them during the tours.

They hope that soon their regular tourists from Belgium, Sweden, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany will be back again.

SharOutdoors started with a summer offer last year so they organize mountain biking with electric bikes that allow even the less physically active tourists to be able to make a tour of 30-40 km and enjoy the untouched beauty of the mountain.
On the other hand, they organize mountaineering tours in Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and Bulgaria.