Macedonia is a paradise for tourists who love homemade cheese

Sometimes the short travel stories can change how people think. We are a team that wants to change the way most of us think about traveling. Our mission is to reach as many local people as possible from all over the Balkans who do small things of great importance for the tourism.

Today we would like to tell you another interesting story about another local hero that we hope you will like it.
Denis Bojkovski, a young farmer who grows up and lives in the village of Stancha in Macedonia. There are many villages in Macedonia where the households still grow and produce dairy products in a traditional way. They say that the higher the altitude, the tastier the cheese. Such is the case with Dennis, who raises goats and produces milk at 1,100 meters above the sea level.

Dennis has spent his life in this village. As a child he grows up surrounded by animals because his parents raised cows, sheep, pigs and horses and he says that they have always had one or two horses. After graduating from high school, Dennis was thinking if he should continue to go to college or if he should start his own farm in the countryside. The love for the animals helped him with the choice and of course he chooses the second option and started raising cows and horses.

Dennis decides to invest the money he earned by working on another job so he initially buys a small herd and after some time, Dennis decided to work together with another breeder of cows, horses and pigs and today they have a farm together where they process milk and dairy products.

In order to raise animals, the most important thing is to love them and let them feel it, and the animals themselves will teach you how to deal with them, says Dennis. Because it is a rural area, raising animals here is much easier and its consumers are thrilled to hear where the cattle are raised, and especially amazed when they visit this natural untouched beauty which is good for a good vacation.

According to Dennis, this region can offer a lot of healthy food.

The good aspects of this profession are the freedom, the peace and the tranquility. There are a lot of responsibilities that need to be done during the day, but if you work with love, everything ends flawlessly at the end of the day.

Calves, kids (juvenile goats) and pigs are raised on his farm. Goat cheese is produced and it is made in a traditional way, also they produce porcini mushrooms in a jar, canned meat, the home-made plum brandy that is abundant in the region and a lot of other things.

Denis is also engaged in agriculture, in the production of potatoes without the use of pesticides, but with the use of manure.

The nature relieves every one of the stress caused by the pandemic, so Dennis is glad to invite all those adventurers and nature lovers to visit this village and to enjoy a picnic by the river and a horseback riding.