The nature in Macedonia is an eternal inspiration for any work of art

The stories about the young local heroes in Macedonia will continue in 2022 and one of the many modest stories that will follow is the story of Aleksandar Radicheski. A man from Gostivar who, with the help of objects from nature that he collects while on a walk, creates works of art in his own unique way.

Aleksandar is an active mountaineer and a member of “PSK Bistra” from Gostivar. He has made two successful exhibitions of his personal photographs so far, and says that such handmade paintings that he started making six years ago encouraged him to become an avid collector.

His interest in this technique began six years ago while he was hiking and he spontaneously started collecting unique pebbles which later he used to make a unique work of art.



The works he makes have their own symbolism and most often he makes flowers or a family, which according to him have their own special beauty.

The way his paintings will be like depends from the region he will visit. Alexander says that each region has different natural materials that can be used. Lately, he has been trying to photograph the landscapes he sees while traveling, but he says that it takes time and a lot of preparation.

The creation process is not simple. It can last up to eight days, or even more. It all depends on the chosen topic of the buyer, his idea and of course the assortment of pebbles and materials.

The first step starts with sanding the substrate, varnishing it and arranging the frame, and then the most beautiful part begins with placing the objects.

For what people most often ask from him, are usually beautiful moments that are associated with an unforgetable experience, starting from family gathering moments, wedding proposals and romantic gifts for their loved ones.


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