Macedonian burgers prepared at the ski centre Mavrovo

When food, mountain and adventure come together, you get a unique mix, which for some people is the right recipe for a successful business story. Using these ingredients, Joco from Skopje feeds hundreds of skiers every day at the ski centre “Mavrovo”, where from morning until evening prepares various types of burgers with beef meat.

For us, the story of Jojo’s BBQ is cute in many ways. First, we are happy that in Macedonia, there are such adventurers who make a barbecue every day at 1600 meters above sea level, and on the other hand, we are glad that his story promotes the tourism in Mavrovo and spreads positive vibes among the skiers who visit this ski centre.

Joco says that behind the successful story of “Jojo’s BBQ” is a large team, led by Jojo and Borla-Manot. It started to develop spontaneously. His love for cooking inspired him to prepare various specialties that he loves to eat while on the mountain. Last year at Staro Bacilo was important for Joco because he received a huge support from his close friends who helped him with the logo design and the promotion.

Maybe the story would not have been so successful if Joco had not been in love with the mountains. His past is associated with the mountains. He says that he has been an active mountaineer for years, and he has climbed almost all the peaks in Macedonia and some very interesting peaks in Europe.

“The mountain taught me many things in life and was one of the main inspirations for what I do today. We made such a good combination of hobby, food and friendship,” said Joco.

Jojo’s BBQ menu is short but sweet. Here are a few different burgers and hot dogs, but there is always room to add new interesting recipes.

Today he cooperates with SkiHuts and Resort Mavrovo and says that thanks to the good management everything works great.

Joco is that kind of man who wants to offer something different in Macedonia with this project. It often happens that he changes the location and is present at “pop-up” events.


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