The favourite part of our trips through the beauties of the untouched nature of Macedonia – are our guitars!

The limited trips due to the pandemic, encouraged the Macedonian acoustic duo “ChillOut” to promote the beauty of Macedonia through music.

Tome and Aleksandar, young dentists by profession, know how to create new travel adventures filled with a lot of music in their free time.



Their friendship starts in Skopje where they have met for the first time. Both enrolled in Medical Faculty, where they realised that they have one interesting thing in common – playing guitar. Ever since, they have been using their free time to remake famous hits, but in 2020, they started their own volunteer music caravan called “With music through Macedonia”.

On their Instagram account @chill_out.official they share videos with acoustic remakes in beautiful locations across the country.

The purpose of the traveling music caravan, as they say, is to pay tribute to the mountain, to the clean air and to the untouched nature, by playing their guitars.



We are sure that almost everyone misses being on a music festival. We all want to go back whether they are rock music festivals, electronic music festivals on a Macedonian mountain, or Balkan trumpet music in a mountain village. Macedonia has many festivals that are held in nature, so our intention is to enable people who follow us, to enjoy the beautiful nature and music.


Despite they live in Gevgelija, their favourite getaway mountain is Pelister.

A special place and synonym of the clean air and the Macedonian pine tree – Molika. They say that in this mountain you can never be bored.

Besides the promotion of the touristic places throughout Macedonia, their main goal is also to raise the eco awareness of the citizens.



On their own initiative, they managed to clean many sites in the country. Collecting the garbage in plastic bags, they share it on social networks with the message that “This should not be us”.

Regarding the music they play, Macedonian music has great importance to them. They prefer to play original Macedonian music also because it gives them more appreciation from the foreign tourists who pass near them.

Their informal adventure caravan will continue in 2021, because according to them, it is always better when we hear an acoustic guitar on a mountain.

We hope that our tourists will have the opportunity to meet Alexander and Tome on a tour and enjoy the beautiful surrounding with them.



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