The Wonder Where Team is excited to introduce the owners of the mountain hut “Carevec” which is located within the Mavrovo wild nature. A young couple from Skopje, who choose to the mountain life and every outdoor activity related to it are also creating new adventures that attract tourists.

The list of adventure offers also includes snowshoeing tours. For many tourists who are seeking for adventure in Macedonia the snowshoeing is barely unknown activity and for that reason we wanted to have a chat with Vladimir Gorgjiovski, owner of the mountain hut “Carevec” to tell us all about it.



As many of you already know, the snowshoes are winter sport gear which can be put directly on shoes and people are moving thanks to their weight balance in order to “walk on the snow” without falling into it.

Back in the times people also from this region were making these snowshoes by using wood for making the frame and leather, that was attached to the wooden frame. The same technique is used also for the modern snowshoes but, instead of natural materials, light and highly durable materials are used such as synthetic fabrics and plastics.



In order to make the snowshoeing trip more comfortable with easier manoeuvrings, the snowshoes bend upwards. Snow accumulation should be carefully avoided and that is one of the reasons why they have particular design that allows the snow to get through them. Very similar to snowboards, they have embroidery which adapt to the mountaineering boots.

However, the snowshoes these days are used as recreation activity for tourists, especially those who love exploring the Macedonian wonder natural beauties breathing the fresh air.

Vladimir says that this is a great opportunity for everyone who wants to explore the “National Park – Mavrovo” in winter and visit the places simply unreachable without using these winter gear. For those who haven’t tried this sport activity yet, our hosts are willing to organize short and light tours where everyone who is interested in, could learn more about this sport and get to know with all the tips before their first real “coming out of the comfort zone”



The winter tours through Mavrovo are for all those who have previous mountaineering experience and have appropriate clothing for mountaineering walks in winter conditions. Vladimir says that those who haven’t had a mountaineering experience so far can take part in the easy and short tours through which they will get to know what clothes they need, what a tour looks like and whether they are ready for a bigger step.

He hopes that such attractions, which are still new on the tourist market in Macedonia, will attract many tourists which are interested in exploring the national park.

Vladimir says that the tour from their mountain hut “Carevec” to the eponymous peak, which is at an altitude of 1810 meters above sea level,  is also a great tour which is not very difficult. The tour lasts about four hours, passes through beautiful landscapes, including the parts with beech forest, the home of the Balkan lynx, to a magnificent view overlooking the entire Mavrovo Lake.

Once upon a time the area of Carevec was the place that a medieval king used as a residence. That is also the reason for the origin of its name. As the legend says, there was the king who built a fountain – which today is known as the King’s Fountain so called “Careva cesma” and his own house so that no one would disturb him. Hence, this place is said to be great for rest and relaxation.

Vladimir says that such tours are ideal for everyone. The advantage is that the tourists will be physically active, and on the other hand, they are affordable for everyone.

In the past, the snowshoes were a necessary tool for traders, hunters, and anyone whose life depended on their ability to move in areas inaccessible with motor vehicles where the snow was deep, but now they serve as a tourist attraction.