Montenegro: The Honey country with beautiful salty sea

The Land of Wild beauty has become a must-see destination in the recent years. Montenegro is a story for itself, and the people who live there is what makes the puzzle complete or in other words that is what makes Montenegro the perfect destination for you.

Montenegro is not just Budva, Bar, Kotor the places where you can enjoy on the beautiful sandy beaches, the other side of Montenegro are the beautiful mountains, the wildlife, the rare endemic species, the wild rivers, the national parks, there is where you can experience your wild adventure that will leave you speechless.

The ski capital and the center of the mountain tourism in Montenegro is the town of Kolasin, the place where you can enjoy no matter what season is. Kolasin is located at 954m of altitude and offers excellent vacation and because of the altitude and the favorable climate Kolasin is considered an air spa. That’s why this is a must visit place in Montenegro.

The restless Rivers Tara and Moraca stream along it and the surrounding mountains: Sinjajevina, Bjelasica, Kljuc and Vucje embrace this little city.

The Mount Bjelasica is for sure one of the most beautiful mountain ranges of Montenegro. It belongs to the central continental region of Montenegro. Today’s story comes right from the foot of Bjelasica Mountain, the tourist gem of Kolasin and Montenegro. You will hear the honey story of the Honey Farm Scepanovic.  Borko Scepanovic and his family have been engaged in beekeeping for some 50 years, so we can say that this is a family tradition that started when Borko’s father returned from his studies in Belgrade.

On the family farm in the village of Selishta, is where they keep the bees in the beginning, first for Borko and his brother Vlatko it was just a hobby but as the years were passing by and watching his father in his work, watching how he is doing it with so much love and dedication and helping him, today they cannot imagine their life without the bees.

The Honey farm Scepanovic is located at the foot of Bjelasica Mountain; there are thousands of different mountain plants that grow on the slopes of the Bjelasica Mountain, so the honey that the bees collect is extremely healthy. What distinguishes the Kolasin region in particular is the preserved natural environment without the presence of factories or similar pollutants, which is an important prerequisite for the production of high quality honey.

Besides Bjelasica Mountain, their bees are moved to other interesting locations throughout Montenegro during the year, so they have several different types of honey on their offer, such as meadow honey, mountain honey, forest honey and wormwood honey.

The Honey farm Scepanovic is visited by numerous tourists from the countries of the European Union, the region and the former Soviet Union, where besides honey they can try and buy other bee products such as Medovina (wine with honey), Medovaca ( type of a brandy with honey), propolis, dried fruit in honey and various fruit liqueurs. All the tourists who visit the Honey farm Scepanovic visit the apiary guided by the hosts, and the hosts explain them about the life and work of the bees, how they collect honey, in other words they explain them everything they need to know about the bees. What is especially interesting is that most tourists meet a bee for the first time in their lives and ask a lot of questions about the life and functioning of the bees.

Before visiting the apiary, the tourists need to put on the beekeeping suits and they obtain the basic beekeeping information from the hosts and the information about the Honey farm Scepanovic itself. After visiting the apiaries, the tourists taste honey and other bee products. And what is especially interesting is how the tourists enjoy helping in extracting the honey from the hives.

The family Scepanovic has a lot of planes for the future, starting from increasing the number of the bee societies, increasing the range of the bee products to building apichamber for the apitherapy treatment.

Also they are planning on building apartments where the tourists will be able to stay for several days on the Scepanovic Honey farm, and will have the opportunity to learn more about the life and work of the bees.

Besides beekeeping the Honey farm Scepanovic  is also engaged in fruit growing so the tourists will be able to taste all the fruits that grow in that region and they are explained how important bees are in pollinating fruit and how important is the bee itself to humans.

As we said in the beginning it all started as a hobby but now this honey farm has over 150 bee families, which means it is already a small family business.


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