Enjoy the ride on the sailboat while watching the most beautiful sunset from the lake of Ohrid

Our beautiful country Macedonia is an ideal place if you are looking for a romantic place, a place where you can enjoy and relax. Here you can enjoy the conversations with the locals and share their passion for life and love, while you and your lover can spend hours at the outdoor cafes overlooking some of the most beautiful scenes from the untouched nature over a cup of coffee and curls of smoke from the cigarette.

One of the places that are on the list of romantic places to visit is the lake of Ohrid. The lake of Ohrid is the most beautiful gift that the nature gave to us. It is just enough to look at the seemingly endless blue, listening to the waves, feeling the smell of the lake that will make you fall in love with this gift of nature.

Whether you are in Struga or Ohrid you can take a walk on the cobalt streets overlooking the turquoise waters of the lake surrounded by old houses, now serving as outdoor cafes to give you a perfect view of the lake of Ohrid and a perfect lazy afternoon.

Gjoko Guceski  from Struga says the same thing, if the romance had a name it would be called the lake of Ohrid. Today we would like you to meet Gjoko who is a member of the sailing club Snegar and the yacht club Sirma from Struga. The beautiful city of Struga is the city of Poetry, that’s because the very famous festival ‘Struga Poetry Evenings’ is held here and poets from all over the world participated on this festival.

The name of the ‘Struga Poetry Evenings’ is written on all poetry maps of the world. One of the many foreign participants said – “If there is a biblical heavenly paradise, with ideal beauty, then one of its earthly corners is this city”.

Our Gjoko is a living witness of the many love stories that happen on his sailboat that he uses to show the tourists all the beauties of the lake of Ohrid.

He tells us his beginnings, about his great desire to have his own sailboat with which he can enjoy the beauty of the lake, so together with several other enthusiasts they decided to build their own sailboats with their own funds. At the beginning, Gjoko used the sailboat for his own needs, for a sailing tour with his family and friends to enjoy and relax in the beauties of the Lake of Ohrid. Because of the fact that he has retired young, Gjoko decides to realize his other wish, which is to lead groups, to become a licensed guide, and after receiving the license for a tour guide, he realized that he always wanted to do that, so he started doing tours with his sailboat, showing the tourists the beauties of the Lake of Ohrid which included visiting many cultural and historical monuments, diving, swimming in the lake and romantic experiences.

His tours include visits to several local destinations, and the sailing boat adventures usually start from Struga, visiting the Kalishta Monastery and its beautiful church in a cave. In the church of this Monastery is kept a very important icon, and it is characteristic by the fact that the Holy Mother of God is painted with blackface and clothing, holding in her hands the Black Jesus. And on the other hand, during the sailing, diving is often organized at the locality Vrbnik, where at a depth of only 2-3 meters you can see and touch the 3500 years old history.

For those romantics, the sailings are organized at sunset. With champagne in their hands and the romantic music in the background, the tourists enjoy and relax watching the beautiful sunset. Gjoko even witnessed many marriage proposals while sailing, which is a pleasure for him due to the fact that young people use unusual ways to enjoy in the beauties of Macedonia.

Gjoko says that from all the sailings he organized so far, the tourists leave satisfied, with positive impressions and memories that will be remembered forever.


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