Еxploring new destinations with our van!

In February the sun shines brightly, the day slowly increases and our desire for the summer is growing. If you want to travel you don’t have to wait for the summer, if you really want to travel you have 365 days a year to enjoy.

The proof that you don’t have to wait for the summer to travel is the project @adventure.trip.bus, young people who spend miles in their van exploring places of untouched nature.



Their adventures begin in 2016, when with a car- Yugo 45, which they believed wouldn’t take them to the first toll road without spoiling, managed to take them to the Duomo di Milano in Italy. That journey was realized through several European countries and ends up in Hungary, at the art festival.

They stay at the festival for few more days, only with a sleeping bag and the Yugo as an accommodation apartment. Hence the idea that they need a van that will serve as a means of transportation and as a dwelling during travelling.

After returning to Macedonia, they start looking for a van, and finally decided for the WV T3, which previously served as a van to transport students to the rural areas.



It took them almost half a year to restore and adapt it into a home with a mini-kitchen, a living room that turns into a bedroom. Today’s look of an adventurous Trip Bus for all seasons is designed with the idea to show that for travelling we shouldn’t wait for the weather to warm up, it is enough just to have a desire for adventure and you can travel whenever you like.

On one side of the van there is a winter motif, skiers and paraglider and on the other side summer, a beach with surfers and swimmers. The illustration is unique. It is not a photo from a travel magazine, its their own idea and purpose  to discover new destinations on each trip which are still unknown.



Travelling with Adventure Trip Bus is not just a map ride.

Their trips are spontaneous, sometimes they last much longer than the already planned weekend tour because they happen to come across a more interesting camping location along the way than the planned one.

From the adventures so far, they can boast that they have visited the Baltic countries such as Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, then Switzerland, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland. They have also made a trip that lasted for several months through Italy, Sicily and Malta, France, Turkey, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina and others.



They added that on the border with Serbia, the police officers started asking them for  their next destination and even tried to guess.

They hope that in 2021, the borders will be open so they could be able to visit Spain, Morocco, to camp in the desert accommodated in their million-star apartment.

Until the opening of the borders, it remains to explore Macedonia and enjoy their favourite places like Kozjak, Mavrovo, Ohrid and Galicica, Prespa, as well as the not so famous places like the village of Belica in Makedonski Brod, Zovic in Mariovo, the peak Ramno of Skopska Crna Gora, Babuna River, hiking to its springs.