We are going to the European Championship, that’s the place where we belong!

The anthem of the Macedonian national team “We are going to the European Championship” performed by VIS Risovi, was officially promoted yesterday, and with it the video for it before the historic first performance on the big stage for our national team, so on the 8th of March this anthem was officially aired .

Watch, listen and for those who want to understand the lyrics of the song are translated below. It will be played in the next period, as the euphoria for Macedonia’s first appearance at the continental championship will increase in a little over a month.

The video was shot at over 140 locations in Macedonia and is a real postcard for our country.


Red-yellow heroes, our brave lynxes,
painful defeats make them stronger, they believe strongly in success, 
for our home, for our dream, for our whole nation,
Mrme at the head of the Red Army, celebrating you the whole Macedonian population!

We are united and we are coming with you, to encourage you loudly and strongly,
let the whole Europe shake now, Macedonia comes powerfully! 

We are going to the European Championship, that’s the place where we belong ,
we are going to the European Championship, our childhood dream come along!

Pandev, Elmas, Darko, Visar and Stefan, Xhani Alioski, real warriors
we have no problems with Bardi and Ademi, always in new victories.


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