The ones who said that “music is the food of life” probably never tasted chocolate.
There is nothing better than starting the week with a sweet chocolate story. The story is about Pece Kleckaroski , a man who never thought that one day he would produce chocolate specialties.

He says that he started working as a chef in a restaurant, where he got the idea to make a cream spread of hazelnuts which he will use to prepare various sweet delicacies. In his garden there are several small plantations of hazelnuts, and at the end of the year he used the small amount of hazelnuts left on the plantations for making his first experiments.

His grandmother and mother are great cooks, but Pece says that no one in his family was engaged in making chocolate.

When he was young he was interested in music and he never thought of being what he is today.

Pece learned a lot of things by experimenting with chocolate. He researches a lot on this topic, constantly learns, practices new things and has successful and unsuccessful chocolate experiments. Of course, the internet helped him the most, where he managed to find professional literature, to talk to experienced people on various forums about chocolate and many other things.

Until today, he has created more than 80 recipes for butter and cream spreads based on nuts, seeds and grains. A year ago, he started perfecting the recipe for the so-called craft chocolate made directly from cocoa beans.

There is no butter or cream spread that people don’t like. Lately, every product line he makes is sold in advance. People book a jar of cream spread and wait in line for getting it. According to him, the great interest is due to the quality of the products and the flexibility to make products that will match with the nutritional needs of the customers.

The Hazelnut cream spreads are the mostly consumed, but also the cream spreads based on pistachios, almonds, walnuts and pumpkin seeds.

Pece often works with local farmers, beekeepers, stockbreeders or other small food producers (fruit jams, syrups, oils, etc.) in order to be able to help these small domestic producers which offer the highest quality. He also cooperates with foreign farmers (for cocoa, pistachio, etc.) and wants to be guided by the principles of a fair trade.

Pece also hopes for even greater cooperation with the local producers of raw materials that are an inevitable part of this sweet chocolate pleasure.

He sees the future in expanding the production capacity, but still in the craft spirit by putting the chocolate as an equal product on the menu.

There is no person in this world who doesn’t love chocolate. Sweet, tasty or in short – a perfect dessert, which entices us all with a smile on our face.