If you are eager to try new trail marathon destinations, and want to go even further by adding more then 3000 meters elevation gain, don`t miss the chance to register NOW!

In Macedonia, we challenge you to cross the finish line on the top of Vodno mountain, the perfect place to take a deep breath and enjoy your next sport achievement with the panoramic view of city of Skopje this March.



Discover Skopje and its beautiful surroundings. Thanks to the 42k and 21k marathons you will be able to cross some of the most mystical places among which is Canyon Matka, a magical place where history is hidden in the rocks, people for centuries inhabited this area searching for protection and nowadays a getaway place to feel the silence and breath the fresh air. Favourite for rock climbing, it is a perfect trail to be experienced during one of the marathons.




Our advise is not to wait too long. Register on the official site where you will find all the information you need. Of course if you are interested in touristic insights for Skopje and Macedonia during your stay, the Wonder Where Team will be at your service!