Meet the guys who will let you experience the Ohrid Lake in a different way

The spring, the beautiful sunny days are ideal for you to enjoy in a walk along the shores of Ohrid Lake and meet new people who do small things of great importance for the development of local tourism.

Ohrid is ideal for active tourism throughout the spring and summer time, starting from kayaking, using SUP boards, sailing to paragliding over the lake; these sports are perfect for all the adventure lovers.

Today we would like you to meet two guys Boban and Krste, adventure lovers with two different short stories that have the same meaning – to encourage the development of the active tourism.

Let’s start with Boban Naumovski from Ohrid who is also known as the young “sailor”. He has recently started to organize tours with his authentic Ohrid boat. His love for the boats comes since he was a little boy and his grandfather took him fishing and swimming. He started working in organizing boat tours for four years until he decides to buy his own boat and organizes tours around the Ohrid Lake. His tourists enjoy the good music and the beautiful view of the city of Ohrid, Boban is the first in his family that decides to work in tourism. As a matter of fact Boban is a licensed guide and he says that all the foreign tourists are impressed by the city of Ohrid and also by the traditional food such as the fish (Ohrid trout), the traditional gjomleze, the kebab, and our traditional homemade ajvar, the Ohrid makalo with garlic, the traditional tavche-gravce, sarma and many more. They are also interested in the making of the Ohrid pearl which is something characteristic for this city.

Boban has also created his Facebook page called “Blue Eye Cruising” where he shares all the information that the tourists need and also photos from his boat tours.

The second adventure lover is Krste Simonoski, the guy who from the upcoming season will start organizing tours with SUP boards. This will be his first year and he hopes that it will bring him a lot of success this summer and his club has been named Standuppaddlemk.

According to him, there are many beauties that are unknown for the tourists and can be captured exclusively from the lake side. In order to capture the true side of the lake, Krste says that they decided to purchase more SUP boards and offer tourists something that has not been attractive in Macedonia so far.

What most interests’ the tourists is the area near the church of St. Zaum which was built at the beginning of the XIII century, also the area in Trpejca, the Macedonian Saint-Tropez, the beautiful wild beaches, the Bay of Prchot, the large rock Stog.

Here in the area of Trpejca besides enjoying on your SUP board you can also enjoy seeing the most beautiful sky and the sunset that cannot be seen anywhere else in the country. It is impossible, if you are at least a little bit hedonistic by nature, to go to Ohrid without staying in Trpejca.

According to Krste, besides the Ohrid Lake, the ideal places for the SUP adventures are the Prespa Lake and the Dojran Lake and the other places that are also worth visiting are Kozjak Lake, Matka Lake and of course Berovo Lake.

And just for the end, the most important thing for Boban and for Krste, is to give the tourists the opportunity to experience the lake in a special way.


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