Macedonia: The employees from Coniq got the title of eco-responsible team

With every “Team building” event that will be organized by the WonderWhere team, new trees will be plant on the location that the event will be held.

For us, this is a new era of organizing “team building” events in Macedonia and our goal is to plant as many trees as possible across the country, to help nature recover from the fires that have engulfed our forests.

We are happy that the employees from Coniq got the title of eco-responsible team, who through their “team building” in Popova Sapka donated for the planting of new evergreen trees. This is a proof that with the help of the private companies we can participate in the afforestation of our country.

With the one-day “Team building” event, the employees from Coniq had the chance to meet some of our local heroes who do small things of great importance in the development of tourism in our country, and also to enjoy the beauties of Shara Mountain.

Some of them had a new experience with the electric bikes on an organized tour to one of the sheepfolds of Popova Shapka, where they had the chance to try the traditional sheep cheese with homemade baked bread.

After the bike tour, we enjoyed in the traditional specialties prepared by our hosts from Skardus. The local women from this area prepared a delicious flia (kind of pie, traditional for this region), peppers filled with cottage cheese, various salads and grilled veal with homemade sauce from hand-picked blueberries.

As a token of gratitude, the team of Coniq got a biodegradable Certificate of Appreciation made from recycled material.The Certificate contains seeds, which means that it itself can be planted and a beautiful plant “Prkos” will sprout and will adorn their office reminding them of the good deed they made in just one day.


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