Macedonia: A charming destination in winter

Friday, snow and pure joy. Every child’s biggest dream is to be able to spend some time walking on the snow, making a snowman or, if it has an adventurous spirit – practicing a winter sport such as skiing or “snowboarding”.


We managed to make a collection of several photos sent to us by all travellers on social networks. After this action, we already know that the traveling army in Macedonia is growing.


Macedonia is beautiful in any season. This morning most of the people in Macedonia woke up with a snow cover enjoying the view with their favourite morning drink – hot tea or coffee. The photos you will see are from the local population taken today and the day before.



Photo: Daniela Kolevska (Veles is a city ideal for winter photography. Such a beautiful panorama)



Photo: Ana Labor (Spirit of Prespa: Such a magical place for winter photography and summer enjoyment)



Photo: Damjan Kozarov (The bird – view snow photography of the centre of Bitola with the Old beauty – The Clock Tower)



Photo: Bekir Ademi (Kitka Mountain should be a frequent destination for anyone living in Skopje.

Ideal location and great for cycling during summer days)



Photo: Toni Mitrevski (Pelister has the Balkan Pine – Molika, the factory of the fresh Pelister air)



Photo: Eleonora Dimkovska (Mavrovo has a ski resort where young skiers are often part of the view. We are more then happy with the fact that the management that manages the ski resort Mavrovo, constantly introduces new and fresh topics that attract more and more tourists)



Photo: Aleksandra Stevanovski (Krushevo, the highest Balkan city full of history, art, tradition and

symbol for adrenaline sports such as skiing, paragliding and cross-country skiing)



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