There is no better feeling than when you know that the sunny days are ahead of us, the days are longer so we have more time to use the daylight for various activities, including cycling. Today’s story is exactly about that, Dean Davitkovski is a big fan of cycling and he will tell us about his tour through Macedonia where he has passed 775 km in just 5 days. Last year, on the 1st of August, he started his solo bike tour around Macedonia that lasted 5 days and he passed 750 km.

Dean decided on such a “bike camping” tour because for him it is the cheapest option if you want to experience all the beauties of Macedonia.

The tour started from Skopje while it was raining. The rain lasted all the way till Mavrovo, but thanks to the waterproof equipment he carried on, it wasn’t a problem for him. Such tours are an inspiration for cyclists if they want to experience such an adventure in the spring and summer days that follow.
After the long ride, Dean took a break at the Bigorski Monastery, where he stopped to eat something and to drink beer while enjoying the beautiful nature.

After the break, he continued towards Debar.

Dean advises the cyclists who would do this tour that they should take a break also at Modric because of the hills that need to be climbed by bike.
He had an additional load of 40 kilograms on the bicycle and the bicycle with which he realized the tour was MTV 27.5 (DRAGica).

Dean has made this tour to Ohrid for the fifth time, through Strazha and Mavrovo.

The arrival in Ohrid was around 7 pm and he stayed the night in the Ljubanishta camp. By the time he arrived in Ljubanishta, he had already passed 235 kilometers in 13 hours.

The next day, his adventure begins at 5 o’clock in the morning, so he manages to refresh himself in the Ohrid Lake.

Then he packs his things and continues to Lagadin where he provides himself with the necessary groceries for the following days. From there he continues with a tour around the Ohrid Lake, for which he recommends the use of sunscreen, because as he says on the Macedonian side there may be enough shadows, but because of that on the Albanian side the sun is constantly present.

The second day he passed 150 km.

Dean dedicated the third day to climbing Galicica, which for him is a real adventure. To ride Galicica by bicycle for him is a wonderful experience that everyone should try. From Galicica he descended to Stenje, where he spends the night on the beach, and there he experiences a real drama from the strong wind.
He spends the fourth day in Krani and Dolno Dupeni.

Then he continues to Bitola with the intention to climb Pelister but due to the bad weather he does not succeed in that and continues to Veles, and there on Lake Veles he makes the last camping.

From Veles the tour ends in Skopje. Dean says that good equipment can help a lot in the good realization of cycling tours; this is something that all cycling fans should keep in mind if they want to have a good cycling tour. In the end what is left for us is to use every sunny day for a good adventure.