Incoming tour operator “Balkan Prime Tours” and “Kukutanov” winery with joined forces: WE’VE CREATED AN AUTHENTIC WINE & TOURIST EXPERIENCE IN THE RADOVIS REGION!

The Balkan Prime Tours general manager, Vlatko Sulev and his desire to offer an authentic experience for foreign tourists in the eastern part of the country, or to organize an interesting company team building, brought him to the “Kukutanov” winery. Together with Gjorgi Kukutanov, its owner, they created a unique opportunity for foreign and domestic tourists to enjoy, of course, the natural beauty of the Radovis region, the local specialties, as well as the tasting of quality Macedonian wines.



We often say that if something is good and of high quality, it will surely find its way to success. That if we work with passion and love, investing all our knowledge and experience, there are no limits. All this, as well as their bond to Radovish, is the connecting point between Vlatko Sulev, operations director of Balkan Prime Tours and Gjorgi Kukutanov, owner of the “Kukutanov” winery.

The first one is always looking for authentic tourist experiences that he wants to offer it to his customers and the second one is with the desire to produce as high quality and natural Macedonian wine as possible. But what’s common for both of them is ambition, desire for advancement and innovation in work.



Eastern Macedonia is an undiscovered pearl

And it was Vlatko Sulev’s desire to offer an authentic experience for foreign tourists in the eastern part of the country or to organize an interesting company team building, that brought him to the “Kukutanov” winery.

We have developed a concept and program for a visit to Radovish that includes a hiking tour of Plackovica mountаin in a (pristine beech and) oak forest, a walk along lake Mantovo, a wine tasting at the ‘Kukutanov’ winery, with the opportunity to see how wine is produced in a traditional way, to taste natural Radovis honey, cheese, ajvar… In the courtyard of the winery, there is a wood oven where you can attend classes on cooking and preparation of Radoviski flatbread (pastramilia), a traditional banica and much more, and all this is accompanied by the immediate organizers from Balkan Prime Tours, who always have some interesting local stories… you’ll agree it sounds interesting!“, says Sulev.




Eastern Macedonia is an undiscovered pearl. You just need to explore it, adds Vlatko, tourism expert, general manager of Balkan Prime Tours and president of the National Association for Incoming Tourism (NAITM) who wants to change the image of tourism as a branch in Macedonia. According to him, it is the cleanest and best business that can contribute to the development of entrepreneurship in the country. It encourages young people to stay at home, develop their own businesses and promote Macedonia in the best possible light.

According to him, foreign tourists want authentic experiences, honesty and originality.

From the local population, they don’t expect acting or pretending, they don’t expect them to be something they are not. They like ordinary things, personal experiences and know how to appreciate that. They want fresh, delicious and original food prepared in a traditional way, they want to visit Macedonian wineries, to see how wine is produced, how cheese is produced… or in other words a unique tourist experience. They want something they don’t have in their home countries. They don’t prefer luxury hotels and restaurants, but an authentic family experience.




An authentic wine story

That’s why Vlatko together with the Radovis winery “Kukutanov” are creating a new and unique tourist offer, which includes an interesting wine story. Currently, “Kukutanov” winery produces the well-known Chardonnay, then the unique Rosé, obtained from the native “Radovis (Zh’ta) Prachka” grape variety, as well as the elegant Merlot “seasoned” with Radovis terroir, all wines intended for passionate wine lovers. When foreigners try these wines, they are surprised by their natural and pure taste, as well as by their sumptuous aroma, which leaves no one indifferent.

Kukutanov is a family winery with an initial capacity of 30,000 bottles per year, which is always open to tourist groups, from the country or abroad, who want an organized wine show (degustation). To taste, discuss and learn more about the wine process itself. Our wine is different, and combined with Radovis food, the results are amazing. The people from Radovis are great hosts. Guests don’t have to go far to have a life-changing experience. It is enough for them to come here!“, says Gjorgi Kukutanov, owner of the winery.



The mission of Balkan Prime Tours is to discover new beauties in our country and thus contribute to the development of tourism.

To create lasting values and tourist content that will please us in the future, fulfill us and of which we will all be proud.” To create unforgettable experiences that will be retold. That is why in the agency we pay attention to every detail. In recent months, we have been focused on team-building tours around the country, which are really creative, and the impressions from them are fantastic.“, says Vlatko Sulev from Balkan Prime Tours.



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