I live for new adventures! Macedonia has so many places that I haven’t been to and I haven’t discovered yet, with these words Adnan Odzoski from Ohrid starts the conversation with our Wonder Where team.

Adnan is the man who swims in the Lake of Ohrid every winter, but he avoids doing that in summer. Interesting right?  Adnan is an adventurer, a traveler who has a different perception for the tourism then everybody else.

He says he has been playing sports ever since he can remember so he likes to combine sports and traveling. Adnan started swimming in the Lake of Ohrid in winter a few years ago.

The first time he entered in cold water was in Albania in the waterfalls of Thethi. Impressed by the beauty of the place, the clear blue water and the surrounding forest, he couldn’t resist that beauty so he jumped into the water even though it was very cold.

Since then, he regularly swims in the Lake of Ohrid in winter, and less often in summer due to the many tourists. While in the summer he goes swimming in the waters of the waterfalls and the mountain lakes across the country and abroad, but it is important to know that the water of the waterfalls in summer is colder than the water in the lake in winter.

Adnan also likes cycling. Every new photo he comes across on the social media is an inspiration for his next destination.

For him the best destinations for cycling are Kajmakchalan, Pelister and Jablanica and for hiking he likes the waterfalls of Jakupica, Babuna, Tresonce, Sharplanina and Lesnica.

Adnan, like all the other tourists, hopes that 2021 will open the borders and will end the pandemic. He hopes to be able to visit some of the destinations that are on his travel list such as Vlora waterfalls, the ski resort Kajmakchalan, the Musala peak, Vihren and the thermal waters of Dobrinishte in Bulgaria.

For him, at the end of the day the most important thing is to enjoy the trip. You should search for new adventures even during the pandemic because only then life will be more interesting.