The history repeats itself; Nena and Mateo follow the steps of their father in climbing the Mount Solunska Glava

In these hot days when we want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, the best solution is to climb the mountain to enjoy and feel the fresh air. Today’s story comes from the mountains and we would like to introduce you to Todorche Gjorgiev, President of the Mountain Sports Club “Azot” and also a great mountaineering guide.

At the age of 12, Todorce and his friend decided to discover the popularity of the Mountain Lodge Cheples, the Azot area and of course the mountain Solunska Glava. The visit of the lodge was the first time that he climbed a mountain, where delighted by the trails, the people, the mountains, the nature and the adrenaline he felt, he already made his decision for the next climbing, the mountain Solunska Glava.

From that day, Todorce falls in love with the mountains, meeting other people, friends and of course learning a lot about the mountains in Macedonia. He started hiking while young and untrained and of course without the appropriate equipment, but as the time was passing by he and his friends met other mountaineers, so they expanded their network of communication and built a reliable team.

Todorce remembers the first time he left Macedonia, in 1997 when he also climbed the highest peak in the Balkans “Musla” which is at 2925 meters above sea level. He was delighted by the peak Musla because of the trails, the untouched nature, and the organization of the clubs and the mountaineers gave him the motivation to continue to climb the other peaks in the neighboring countries. Already accustomed to hiking in the mountains, visiting other cities and countries, getting to know different cultures and customs, all that, hiking and traveling become a way of life for him.

He has been climbing and learning about the Macedonian mountains for more than 30 years, and he has never been bored. The mountains in Macedonia for him are synonym for peace, freedom, silence and beauty that everyone should feel.

Just the walking on the mountain itself, the view of the greenery, the beautiful sunrises, the spectacular sunsets, the murmuring of the rivers, the singing of the birds and many other things relieve him from the stress and problems.

Following the steps of her father, Nena , Todorce’s daughter in 2014 at the age of seven climbed the mountain Solunska Glava and at that time she becomes the youngest mountaineer, declared by the Mountaineering Federation of Macedonia.

Here is also his son Mateo who at the age of four or in 2016 climbed the mountain Solunska Glava and Vihren, and already in 2019 he climbed the highest peak in the Balkans and became the youngest mountaineer at the Mountaineering Federation of Macedonia.


Todorce travels everywhere, but in Macedonia there are mountains that will always remain as his favorite. For him, the view of the mountain Solunska Glava from the locality Dolna Babina Dupka is spectacular and will always be in the first place. There are also the Shara Mountain and its peaks and lakes, the area of ​​Dolna Lesnica, Mavrovo, Bistra, Deshan with Krcin and Veliar, then Stogovo and Jablanica.

We still have another story about Todorce that we will tell you in the future, but before finishing today’s story we would just like to add that he advises all the young mountaineers to continue upgrading their mountaineering knowledge and skills and to make some habits to spend their free time in nature. For Todorce the mountaineering is a form of rest and recreation and at the same time a way of life.


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