By promoting the caves in Macedonia we develop the active tourism

Darko Nedanoski, the first man of SK Zlatovrv is one of the many who explore and promote Macedonia from a completely different perspective, a perspective that grabs the attention of many foreign tourists. He is a speleologist or simply a person who studies caves or other karst features.

He has a lot of success behind him and only at the age of 18 years he acquired the title of savior from participating in a series of cave trainings in Bulgaria.

He has set several records, starting from the expedition in Slovenia and Croatia where together with Mario Andonoski they reach 534 meters inside the Brezno cave in the Leshki Mountains, up to the biggest record for a Macedonian speleologist with 950 meters underground and four days without daylight in Slovacka Jama. Darko says that Macedonia, although a small country, has a lot to show.

The interest of foreign tourists is much bigger compared to domestic ones.

His society receives calls from people all over the world, both for visiting and for enjoyment, as well as for special scientific research and expeditions. As they are currently working on a campaign to promote the Macedonian caves in the best light, Darko and everyone in the society are on the list of heroes who do small things of great importance for the development of tourism in Macedonia.

Starting from the fact that the caves are the untouched nature and that for many is a real pleasure to visit them, we can conclude that in Macedonia there is a huge tourist potential, says Darko.

Macedonia has many caves that really take your breath away and that are allowed to be visited and to develop tourism and others that are of great importance for science and should be under protection.

At the moment, the promotion is carried out using the social media, and they also communicate with the Speleological Federation of Macedonia, where they connect with clubs from all over the Balkans for European cooperation.

They achieved the best result from the Macedonian Open Days of Speleology, where a large number of visitors come.

This year SK Zlatovrv, in Prilep will organize the first speleological expedition, named as Speleological Expedition “Solunska 2021”. Through this expedition, they will try to discover new cave canals and a potentially new, greater depth than the previously announced depth of 370 m.

The mount Solunska Glava has large layers of permanent ice (the largest of its kind in Southeast Europe) and is a kind of underground glacier in Macedonia, which as part of the expedition, will be mapped in detail for the first time, and samples will be taken for a further more detailed scientific research.

These ice masses are of particular importance, especially as an archive of climatic conditions in this area. Given that in the past decade there was a melting of ice masses in caves across Europe, it is particularly important to conduct a detailed study of these layers on the mount Solunska glava before they completely melt.

The organization of the first speleological expedition in Prilep will be of great importance for the development of speleology and the promotion of caves in Macedonia. Darko’s team is a special story and an experience for itself. They organize adventures that you will never forget.

In addition to caves, they practice many other outdoor activities. As Darko pointed out at the beginning of the story, Macedonia offers a huge number of places to visit, including the caves and the most important thing is that we all aim to protect the nature.


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