This are the insight winter stories of Krushevo, the city in the clouds which proudly carries the title of the highest living place in the Balkans.



We are taking you ten kilometres from Krushevo through the nearby forest to the Transfiguration of Christ Monastery. It is also known as the Monastery of Tose Proevski in honour to the late singer who participated in the construction. Driving through a beautiful landscape through the forest, you climb the top of Bushava mountain, Stara Musica at 1800m.

Due to the extraordinary natural beauties and numerous cultural and historical sights related to the Ilinden Uprising, Busheva Mountain is an important touristic place with well-developed tourism. You are welcomed in every season of the year, especially during the winter and the summer. On the slopes just above Krushevo you will notice a ski centre with a cable car. It starts from the city and with the two ski lifts, you will surely meet Nordic running lovers who come and enjoy the suitable terrains around Krushevo.



We will take you to the top of Stara Musica where adventure is born.

You are wondering what to do in Krushevo during the winter days? We are here to give an insight called the “Winter Safari” . It is organized by Panorama All Seasons Adventure.

Instead of walking, this time the climb to the top is with an amphibious vehicle. It is a new offer on the Macedonian tourist map. As you climb to the top along the way, you can notice beautiful landscapes all around: Solunska Glava on one side, Baba Planina on the other side crowned with a magical sunset. If you are lucky, you can be intercepted by wild horses that can gallop carelessly along the ridge.

This project is called a “winter safari” because it offers the opportunity for free skiing, hiking and other activities on the top of Bushava Mountain.

The team who is in charge of this type of tour are good experts in their adventure field, certified rescuers and guides ready to conduct the tour.

And if you wonder what is going to be special in the following spring, a zip line, mountain Go-Kart, bicycle paths are being prepared, which will be led by a Swiss expert who has been taking care of the famous Sant Moritz, Davos for 20 years, Lenzerheide in Switzerland and Solden in Austria.

And one bonus information: if you wonder where to try the most tasty traditional food in Krushevo, don`t miss to go in Krushevska Odaja. Nazdravje!